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Wironit® and
Wironit® extra hard:

Wironit® and Wironit® extra-hard have been used very successfully throughout the world for many years. The properties of both alloys comfortably exceed DIN 13912 and all the international standard requirements. The Wironit® laboratories around the world have the system of equipment and materials needed to achieve optimal processing of these alloys. The Wironit® laboratory has been a yardstick of quality and reliability for over 25 years.

Quality Prosthesis
The Wironit® distinguishes itself with a high hardness and an exceptional ductile yield. Perfectly compatible with tissues, it will remain stable. Moreover, its lightness considerably reduces the weight of the final work.

The Wironit® extra-hard is an alloy even harder which will keep its shape. After each melting at our factory in Germany, laboratory analyses are effected with high-tech equipment to ensure its continued quality.

The Wironit® Clasp Prosthesis
The excellent properties of the cobalt-chromemolybdenum alloy Wironit® also make this prosthesis very reliable. The torsionally stiff base makes a significant contribution to the restoration of the masticatory function.

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