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All-Ceramic Bridges (and more)

IPS Empress® restorations from  K & R provide exceptional accuracy of fit for anterior & posterior crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. Using the lost wax technique, Empress® glass-ceramic is processed with a  computerized heat & pressure injection molding system. This precision control of the casting process ensures marginal integrity and reduces the chance for secondary decay. Since Empress® virtually eliminates marginal breakdown, margins can end at or above the gingival margin... avoiding the need to traumatize tissue in supergingival preparations.

With the advent of Empress® 2, K & R can provide you and your patients with beautiful, metal-free anterior crowns and three-unit all-ceramic bridges. Created from a Lithium Disilicate glass-ceramic, Empress® 2 exhibits astonishing translucency, value, opalescence, fluorescence and wearability that rivals natural dentition. The highly crystalline micro-structure of Empress®2 copings provides  increased strength and fracture resistance... making Empress®2 nearly three times stronger than Empress!

And to complement this extraordinary all-ceramic coping is its veneering porcelain  that contains fluorapatite crystals... closely exhibiting the structure and optical properties found in natural teeth. The finished Empress®2 restoration will satisfy  your clinical demands for anatomy and function... and your patient's desire for natural vitality & translucency. 

The combination of the new lithium disilicate framework ceramic and the  fluorapatite layering ceramic permit the fabrication of all-ceramic bridges that demonstrate properties similar to those of natural teeth.

Optimal placement is achieved with adhesive bonding however, when a dry field cannot be achieved, cementation with ProTec Cem from Ivoclar can be used.



Multiple indications
IPS Empress® 2 offers you a wealth of possibilities using all-ceramic materials.

Layering technique
From crowns to all-ceramic bridges.  IPS Empress®2 properties are optimum  prerequisites for the extended range of indications, which now also includes three-unit bridges for the anterior region extending to the second premolar.


And there is more...
Optimally coordinated system components; Metal-free down into the root with Cosmopost™.

Shading technique
The optimally coordinated degrees of translucency and the slight shading give the leucite glass-ceramic material a unique chameleon effect that ensures that the  restorations fit into the natural environment and are virtually indiscernible.  IPS Empress®2 provides excellent prerequisites for inlays, onlays, veneers, and crowns.


The anatomically correct, pressed restorations are quickly and easily characterized using the corresponding IPS Empress® shades that are coordinated  with the Chromascop™ shade guide.  This results in true-to-nature esthetics.

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