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Flexite Plus

Key Benefits:
Dentists are making the switch to Flexite Plus for good reasons. The Flexite Company developed the technology to add to and reline nylon partials chairside.  Our innovations set the standards for removable thermo- plastics.  The Clifford Institute (Colorado Springs, USA) gave Flexite a 99% percent rating for patient safety and bio-compatibility.  The Clifford Institute is an independent research company that tests allergy prone patients.

  • Unbreakable - Guaranteed
  • Monomer Free and CE Certified
  • F.D.A. Grade Plastic 
  • Bio-Compatible
  • Chemically resistant to alcohol
  • Can be added to or relined
  • Superior esthetics (no metal showing)
  • Water absorption (nil)
  • Color Fast and non leaching

Flexite Supreme

Hi Molecular Flexite Supreme is the Ultimate Cast Thermoplastic for removable partials.  The proportional  limits (memory) is comparable to precious wire and yet it is flexible.  Many dentists have switched from  metal to Flexite Supreme because Flexite offers the patient superior comfort, esthetics and there is no  metallic taste.  Flexite is easy to polish and adjust in house.

Flexite Supreme can be added to or relined in office or laboratory with acrylic when bonding agent is applied to non-flexing area! Cyano Acrylate is the coupling agent that chemically bonds acrylic to Flexite Supreme.

Available colors: Light Pink, Dark Pink, Ethnic Brown, Natural and Tooth Color Shades.

Key Benefits
  • Fits Like Castings 
  • Monomer Free
  • Color Fast 
  • Bio Compatible
  • Hi-Gloss
  • FDA Grade Plastic
  • Stain Resistant
  • Increased Tensile and Flexural Strength
  • Clinically Unbreakable


Monomer Free Northerm is the answer for allergy sensitive patients. Leaching Analysis Testing was performed under the supervision of Professor Emanuel Horowitz from Johns Hopkins University.  No harmful metals or colorants were detected in our Northerm plastic.  Artec Testing Laboratory finalized the results. Copies of the report are available upon request. Northerm's dimensional superiority is evident upon inserting the denture.  There is virtually no volumetric change compared to conventional monomer loaded dentures.

  • Acrylic Free
  • Allergy Free
  • Monomer Free 
  • Safety Tested for Leaching
  • Superior Dimensional Fits
  • F.D.A. Grade Plastic 
  • CE Certified
  • Color Stable
  • Injection Molded
  • A Full Denture Plastic
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